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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The First Date

As Jeremy & I became better and better friends we went out with large groups of other friends. Not really a "date" and never alone.

In the spring of my Junior year there was an event being put on by the R.A's of Savell & Kendrick called "Pick a Date For Your Roommate".  We had done it the year before and it was a lot of fun to go out with a big group of friends on a "blind" date that your roommate picked for you.

Susan was my roommate and I'm sure she had already had an ear full of my talking about Jeremy.  She told me she was setting me up for the "Pick a Date" but with someone... we'll just say, "Not Jeremy".

As far as what was "planned" for the evening, we were to be picked up in the lobby of our dorm, then we'd have dinner with our "dates" in the Student Union building.  It was decorated nicely and couples could have their pictures taken if they wanted.

I remember nervously waiting in the lobby of Kendrick for whomever Susan asked to come pick me up.  I was the last one sitting in the lobby. Then around the corner holding a white rose (my favorite flower, but unknown to him at that time) was Jeremy!!!  Whew!  I knew Susan had been joking, but when he was late, I started to wonder.

We went for dinner,I think it was chicken.  We talked and had such a good time that we went out for coffee afterward with my friend Tiffany-you remember, the one who tipped me off to my "stalker", and her date.  I'm so sorry I don't remember who Tiffany's date was!  I was pretty oblivious to most everything and kept thinking this guy is so great!  I couldn't believe he was interested in ME! 

When we came back to campus he walked me to Kendrick we said our goodbyes.  I distinctly remember that he didn't even give me a side-hug!  The girls on my hall were quite disappointed when they asked about every detail of the night, but I was even more impressed by this gentleman.  I felt respected, honored and wanted to spend more time with him after that evening.

"I Love You" was a phrase I was keeping for that special man who would someday come along.  Susan knew this.  I told Susan that night, "I love that boy!"  The conversation continued, Susan: "You didn't tell HIM did you?" Me: "No, but I'm gonna tell him someday! He is so perfect for me!"  Susan: "Okay, but you gotta tell me when."

The next few months got even better.  Next post: He Meets My Parents

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  1. so cute! it's fun to read about how you met & fell in love!