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Thursday, June 16, 2011

More about us...

The spring semester flew by.  We went on lots of group dates, ate lots of breakfasts together and grew more and more fond of each other.   One conversation that stood out to me was when Jeremy asked me, "if I could be any animal, what would I be?"  My first choice was a white tiger and my second, a black panther.  His choices were an eagle and a wolf.  Apparently it was some psychology quiz where your choices represent something else.  The first choice is how you perceive yourself and the second represented what traits you would want in a mate.

We celebrated our birthdays in April.  I gave him a stuffed wolf. (wink, wink)  He gave me a leather journal he had made himself.  Loved it, wrote in it often, filled it with stories of our days together and what God was speaking in my life at that time. 

We were both planning our internships for the summer, he with his dad in Phoenix, and I in Colorado with my uncle.  Before the summer began, I flew out to Phoenix.  The days I spent there were so full!  We went to a baseball game, jet skied at the lake, went to church, and I loved every minute!  I remember thinking, "How did I get this blessed? This family is amazing!" 

The only glitch was trying to get Elwin to understand what I was saying.  My Texas accent was still pretty thick and trying to explain that my dad worked in the oil field proved very difficult.  Elwin, "What does your dad do?"  Me, "He works in the 'ol' field." Elwin, "What is that?"  Me, "You know, the 'ol' field."  I finally resorted to spelling.  "O I L,  he works in the 'ol field."  It took me a while, but I finally learned to say "oy ill".

In July he came to visit me in Colorado.  We had a great time and he met more of my extended family.  They approved and teased me incessantly.

We emailed every day, sometimes several times a day.  We didn't know it at the time, but we had each printed off every email we received.  He was better than I and printed off all that he sent and received!  We still have those emails in sequential order in our file cabinet.  I need to have them bound in a book so they will keep forever.  I still get a laugh when I read back to some of the things we shared. I still have all the snail mail we sent that summer as well.  Maybe someday the Mack Pack will want to read all the mushy letters of their parents.  If not, that's okay, I still get all tingly when I read my letters from Jeremy.  (Happy sigh)

We came back to SAGU in the Fall and continued to fall in love with each other, still not having uttered the words.  Oh, and the first time we held hands....briefly in the airport as I was heading back to Oklahoma after meeting his parents.  

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