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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Games & Crafts for Camping

This past Memorial Day weekend our family went camping with our church family.   It was windy & as the weekend came to a close, it got COLD!  We sat around the fire, ate lots of yummy food, and just enjoyed being together. We had some really fun activities that were a hit with the little people.  

One of the teens made a couple of swings for the kids to play on and they got hours and hours of use.  Thanks, Michael!  I don't think Zion liked it at all.

One of the things the younger kids enjoyed most was our Treasure Hunt.  I took some empty coffee cans from home and filled them with fun items from the Target Dollar Spot.  We had silly putty, water guns, note pads, bubbles, a beach ball, a word find, and other little goodies tucked away in them.  Christy & Michelle helped me hide the cans around the area where there were several trees and lots of pine needles.  Each kid found a treasure and I think they had as much fun on the search as they did playing with the treasures!  Zoan said, "This is the Best Day Ever!"  Mission accomplished!  I will definitely be incorporating this activity into future camping trips.  I may even step it up a notch to make it even more difficult.  These kids were way too quick!

Another activity we did was for the birds.  Really.  We made pine cone bird feeders.  Sorry, there are no pictures of the feeders.  You'll just have to trust me when I tell you how cool they were.  A while ago I purchased some peanut butter that did not meet with my family's approval.  I can't throw anything away so I took them with us on the camping trip with some twine and bird seed.  I sent the kids to look for some pine cones.  I helped them tie on the twine around the top, handed them a spoon and had them cover the entire thing in peanut butter.  I filled a cup with seeds and once their pine cones were peanut buttered, they dipped them in and covered the peanut butter with seed.  They each chose the "perfect" spot for their feeder and with a little help from some taller people, hung them carefully and waited for some feathered friends to visit.  Shortly after, we saw a beautiful Red Robin fly through the campsite. 

We can't wait till we get to do this again!

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