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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The First Date

As Jeremy & I became better and better friends we went out with large groups of other friends. Not really a "date" and never alone.

In the spring of my Junior year there was an event being put on by the R.A's of Savell & Kendrick called "Pick a Date For Your Roommate".  We had done it the year before and it was a lot of fun to go out with a big group of friends on a "blind" date that your roommate picked for you.

Susan was my roommate and I'm sure she had already had an ear full of my talking about Jeremy.  She told me she was setting me up for the "Pick a Date" but with someone... we'll just say, "Not Jeremy".

As far as what was "planned" for the evening, we were to be picked up in the lobby of our dorm, then we'd have dinner with our "dates" in the Student Union building.  It was decorated nicely and couples could have their pictures taken if they wanted.

I remember nervously waiting in the lobby of Kendrick for whomever Susan asked to come pick me up.  I was the last one sitting in the lobby. Then around the corner holding a white rose (my favorite flower, but unknown to him at that time) was Jeremy!!!  Whew!  I knew Susan had been joking, but when he was late, I started to wonder.

We went for dinner,I think it was chicken.  We talked and had such a good time that we went out for coffee afterward with my friend Tiffany-you remember, the one who tipped me off to my "stalker", and her date.  I'm so sorry I don't remember who Tiffany's date was!  I was pretty oblivious to most everything and kept thinking this guy is so great!  I couldn't believe he was interested in ME! 

When we came back to campus he walked me to Kendrick we said our goodbyes.  I distinctly remember that he didn't even give me a side-hug!  The girls on my hall were quite disappointed when they asked about every detail of the night, but I was even more impressed by this gentleman.  I felt respected, honored and wanted to spend more time with him after that evening.

"I Love You" was a phrase I was keeping for that special man who would someday come along.  Susan knew this.  I told Susan that night, "I love that boy!"  The conversation continued, Susan: "You didn't tell HIM did you?" Me: "No, but I'm gonna tell him someday! He is so perfect for me!"  Susan: "Okay, but you gotta tell me when."

The next few months got even better.  Next post: He Meets My Parents

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Update on Project Baby B

I got an e-mail from my friend Andrea yesterday letting me know that Daniel & Lyndsie are in the process of adopting a baby boy!  The original intent of the fundraiser for them was to help with the adoption costs; however, since those things are falling into place Andrea said I could remove my donation.  Having 3 kids of my own, I know that babies aren't cheap!  It costs a lot to provide for a child so I told Andrea, I'd love to keep my item available so whatever funds are raised can go towards inevitable expenses that come with babies.  All of the other sponsors requested to keep their items available as well!  The fundraiser is open until June 10th so there is still time to help this wonderful family.  Click on the link to be directed to Andrea's blog where you can read more.  Thanks!

Update on Project Baby B

Friday, May 20, 2011

Project Baby B with The Worley House

I told you guys a few days ago about the awesome opportunity I was given to help a very deserving couple reach their dreams of adoption.  Daniel & Lyndsie's story touched my heart so much I knew I had to be a part of this.  Jeremy & I have been very blessed with 3 children of our own and love being parents.  My heart aches for those who long to be parents but have not had the privilege.  I'm not sure what is in store for The Booker's future, but I hope with our help, parenthood is on the way.  Check out my friend Andrea's blog to see how you can help.The Worley House.  For every $10 donated you get 1 entry towards winning all the fabulous items listed on Andrea's blog.  One of which is my own Hot Lips Oven Mitt & Apron

Thanks for stopping by and have a VERY Blessed Day!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Story

Over the years I've been blessed to recount the story of Jeremy & me.  It's been an awesome adventure from the beginning and I love living more of the adventure with him every day.  As we approach our 11th anniversary next month, it's obvious there's a lot of "story" there.  So I'll break this down into a few different parts so you don't have to read a novel in one sitting.

The Stalking

My junior year of college at Southwestern Assemblies of God University was when it all began.  I was working on my Bachelor's Degree in Youth Ministry and was excited to work with teenagers.  I was a Resident Assistant for Kendrick Hall and life was good.  I had no idea it was about to get even more amazing!

Jeremy arrived on campus about a week or two late as he had just returned from a Missions trip to China.  He was jet-lagged and not feeling well at all.  His friends, self-claimed "Bachelor's Till The Rapture," of which he was a founding member, were apparently talking about all the beautiful girls on campus.  He told them he didn't see what they were talking about.  So one of them pulled out the previous year's year book and they started flipping pages.  My maiden name starts with "A" so I was one of the first faces he saw.  He casually mentioned to them that he wouldn't mind getting to know me.  And THIS is when is starts to get really interesting!

The next day I sat down in front of him and his friend Josh.  He tells me after I put down my bag and went to scan my i.d. card, he kept jabbing his friend saying "That's Her!  That's Her!"  Josh introduced us.  I briefly remember the meeting, but didn't think much about it.

As the weeks went by I learned from my friend Tiffany that Jeremy was asking EVERYONE about me. Guys I had dated, former roommates, teachers, EVERYONE!  I told her I thought he was a dork.  "If he wants to get to know about me, why doesn't he just talk to me!" I said.  She told him I thought he was a dork and for him, the challenge was on.

The next day he asked to sit with me at breakfast.  We talked and I remember thinking, "Wow."  I was clearly no match for his charm.  I began eating breakfast every morning in hopes of seeing him.  I wasn't going to make any moves on my own, but I was definitely going to make sure I gave myself every advantage possible!

We became better friends over breakfasts during the next month or so and exchanged home numbers so we could keep in touch over the holidays.  The boy I thought was a dork for "stalking" me was slowly but surely becoming the man of my dreams.

Next post:  Our first "Date"

Project Baby B with The Worley House

My friend Andrea asked me a few weeks ago to help with a project she is working on.  I asked for more info and when she shared Daniel & Lyndsie's Story with me, I instantly knew I had to be a part of this.  Andrea will be sharing more on her blog in the days to come so be sure to start following her to see what is in store and how you can be a part of this awesome opportunity as well.  Here's more information.

I'll keep updating as Andrea updates her blog so you can keep up to date, too.  I know once you "meet" the Brookers, your heart will be stirred as mine was.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Faux Chenille Baby Blanket

I love making handcrafted gifts for friends and family.  My recent creation is this gift set for my soon coming niece.  She's not due until June, but I love making these faux chenille blankets so much I had to make her one ASAP.  I hope she and her parents enjoy it as much as I have.  It has taken me a little over a week to put all the details together, but it came together nicely.  In addition to the blanket, I made a matching burp cloth and pillow with some of the left over fabric.  Jeremy bought me a ruffler attachment for my Bernina for my birthday and I love any excuse to use it.  It made creating the flowers on the pillow a breeze!

I found the tutorial from Dana at MADE before Christmas last year and this is my 5th one to make.  The others had rounded corners, this one is squared up, I can't decide which I prefer, but I will say, the rounded corners take a little more finesse when sewing the binding on.

Faux Chenille Tutorial

She uses several different colors of 100% cotton for her chenille.  I have done that, but most of the ones I've made have been a single color of flannel.  I use 4 layers of flannel plus the patterned cotton for the backing.  I've also used satin binding on all of mine.  It makes it so lovable.  Who doesn't like the feel of satin against their cheek?

And just in case you're interested, that other Dana from MADE has so many great ideas!  She's great!  If you need some inspiration, she's a great source.  Enjoy!

If you would like to order a similar gift set, visit my etsy shop and convo me what colors you'd like and any other special requests. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Chazaq has worn an Amber Teething Necklace since he was about 6 months old.  He currently has 6 teeth and he seems to have done pretty well with it.  My most clear observation is a marked reduction in drool.  Plus it just looks super cute!

I got one of these for a mommy friend of mine.  I need to get another for myself.  I like to wear jewelry, but I don't like my children breaking it or gnawing on my nice pearls.  This is a great solution for this season in my life!

And every mommy needs a bangle to go with her necklace!

Neither of my girls were much into loveys.  Chazaq got a great little Tigger security blanket when he was born and he HAS to have it to sleep.  It's not easy to find a replacement.  My nieces have Douglas Blankets (not the exact one featured below, there are lots of options)-the bonus with these-you can always order a replacement easily.  Trust me, that is a BIG Bonus!

In the search for the perfect sippy cup we have tried many.  Most have been found lacking in the spill proof department.   Over the last 6 years, the ones we have kept returning to are the Gerber Fun Grips.  they have stood the test of time and have been the ones we have used for the Z girls and have returned to again for Chazaq.   They are the best. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

Throughout my life I have had many teachers.  I have learned something from each of them.  I wish I could do a little something for each of them to show them how much they have meant to me over the years, but since that's not possible, I'm going to start by making sure the teachers that teach my children feel very appreciated.  The job they do is no small task and I want them to know I appreciate them. 

This year the teacher I get to recognize is Zion's Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Ranger.  Kindergarten is a very memorable year.  Zion has learned so much and has been challenged by Ms. Ranger to step out beyond what comes easy to her and to try new things.  Zion does many things well on the first attempt and being the perfectionist that she is, (I have no idea where she gets that from) gets frustrated when something doesn't come to her naturally.  Ms. Ranger has been patient and understanding and Zion has begun to flourish under her tutelage. 

I have found many blog posts from other moms who have shared ideas for honoring teachers.  Here is what we are doing for Ms. Ranger.  I got the template for the book mark from this great resource.

 Cute As A Bug Pencil Toppers

We made these with pom poms, pipe cleaners and googly eyes then hot glued them to the top of pencils. 

We added a few other goodies in our Teacher Survival kit.  Coffee is a must, a couple of note pads a little book mark and a gift card to Starbucks.

We tucked it all in and put it in Zion's backpack to be delivered to Ms. Ranger on Teacher Appreciation Day!

We've all got a teacher in our lives to thank.  Who helped shape you into who you are?