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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Story

Over the years I've been blessed to recount the story of Jeremy & me.  It's been an awesome adventure from the beginning and I love living more of the adventure with him every day.  As we approach our 11th anniversary next month, it's obvious there's a lot of "story" there.  So I'll break this down into a few different parts so you don't have to read a novel in one sitting.

The Stalking

My junior year of college at Southwestern Assemblies of God University was when it all began.  I was working on my Bachelor's Degree in Youth Ministry and was excited to work with teenagers.  I was a Resident Assistant for Kendrick Hall and life was good.  I had no idea it was about to get even more amazing!

Jeremy arrived on campus about a week or two late as he had just returned from a Missions trip to China.  He was jet-lagged and not feeling well at all.  His friends, self-claimed "Bachelor's Till The Rapture," of which he was a founding member, were apparently talking about all the beautiful girls on campus.  He told them he didn't see what they were talking about.  So one of them pulled out the previous year's year book and they started flipping pages.  My maiden name starts with "A" so I was one of the first faces he saw.  He casually mentioned to them that he wouldn't mind getting to know me.  And THIS is when is starts to get really interesting!

The next day I sat down in front of him and his friend Josh.  He tells me after I put down my bag and went to scan my i.d. card, he kept jabbing his friend saying "That's Her!  That's Her!"  Josh introduced us.  I briefly remember the meeting, but didn't think much about it.

As the weeks went by I learned from my friend Tiffany that Jeremy was asking EVERYONE about me. Guys I had dated, former roommates, teachers, EVERYONE!  I told her I thought he was a dork.  "If he wants to get to know about me, why doesn't he just talk to me!" I said.  She told him I thought he was a dork and for him, the challenge was on.

The next day he asked to sit with me at breakfast.  We talked and I remember thinking, "Wow."  I was clearly no match for his charm.  I began eating breakfast every morning in hopes of seeing him.  I wasn't going to make any moves on my own, but I was definitely going to make sure I gave myself every advantage possible!

We became better friends over breakfasts during the next month or so and exchanged home numbers so we could keep in touch over the holidays.  The boy I thought was a dork for "stalking" me was slowly but surely becoming the man of my dreams.

Next post:  Our first "Date"

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