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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Craft Closet

I love to craft.  I sew, paint, crochet, sort of knit, and it must be hereditary because my children also love to create things with their hands.  All this crafting can take up a lot of space.  From Fabric to Pipe cleaners, Pom poms & paint, we've got quite a collection.  I've tried several different storage solutions, but I must say, I think I've finally found something that works for us.

My name is Dana & I have an addiction to Sterilite Shoe Boxes.

This is just a few of the many that I use to store all my stuff.  I used my Dymo LetraTag to label each of the boxes.  Before this system I had everything in 2 huge crates that I had to almost completely unpack to find 1 item.  Now I can just grab the box with the supplies I need and work quickly and easily!  I find I'm much more apt to craft if I can get to things easily.  My husband really appreciates that things can be put away easily, too!  I even have a box labeled "in progress".  This helps me keep my start ups under control and hopefully I'll begin finishing things completely before starting something new.  Well, hopefully.  I also store items waiting to be purchased from my etsy shop here.

This closet is under our stairwell and also serves as our family shoe closet.  This is by no means all of our shoes, but they are the most often worn.  The rest of the collection is stored in our bedroom closets.

And talk about your Mutli-purpose room!  This also serves to store our collection of board and card games.  If you haven't played Things, it is a must play for your next family get together.  It's guaranteed to produce some great laughs!

A few chairs and a folding table round off the storage in this little closet that really does a lot!  Jeremy used wire shelving from Home Depot to create my shelves.  Each shelf holds up to 80 lbs.  I love them!  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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